San Diego BBQ has a fleet of mobile service based technicians that come to you to service, clean, and repair your grill, on-site. We have years of professional experience and rave reviews from past clients because we are clean, professional and skilled in our trade! We have built an excellent reputation by offering highly valuable services to back up our quality products, and our greatest compliment is a high number of return customers.

If your barbeque is acting up, we will fix it, and if your barbeque is filthy, we will clean it—all at an affordable price and with your comfort and convenience in mind. We operate under the motto of, “Old grills, new grills, and everything in between.”

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Cleaning And Restoring Your Outdoor Grill Makes Your Barbeque Safer, and Your Food Taste Better

Just about everyone loves a good outdoor cookout, especially living in Southern California where the weather usually allows for year-round barbeques with friends and family. However, when it comes to cleaning the barbeque, that’s another story. It’s probably safe to say that most grills out there could use a good scrub down.

Deep cleaning your barbeque will not only make it sparkle and shine, this procedure also will improve the taste of your food! This procedure removes fat, carbon deposits, and harmful carcinogens that can be transferred to your food. The deep cleaning also removes grease, which will make your outdoor cooking much safer by greatly reducing the chance of grease fires. On top of all of this, barbeque cleaning also prevent future corrosion, protecting your investment and extending the life of your grill.

Now that it’s been established that cleaning your barbeque is a great idea, some homeowners might be asking, “Why not do this myself?” A thorough cleaning can be a messy job, and takes around two-and-a-half to three hours to properly execute. Therefore, a mobile barbeque company that can come to your home and utilize their proprietary cleaning system is a wise choice for any homeowner.

Skilled technicians are friendly and knowledgeable about all aspects of your grill. They will arrive on time, secure the area around the grill with tarps and towels to protect your property, and then disassemble the grill from top to bottom in order to do a full inspection. They remove all the internal parts, including the cooking grates, heat plates, burners, basting pans, warming rack and hood. Internal parts are taken out to the truck to soak in our dip tank. Professionals will then degrease and sanitize the interior and exterior of the firebox from top to bottom, taking great care to get the finer details. After the body of the grill has been thoroughly cleaned, the hood is also cleaned inside and out, using caution to maintain the integrity of the grain on the stainless steel. During the third stage of this proprietary service, a combination of clean water, degreaser and special power tools are used to refurbish the parts. After the parts have been refurbished, everything is rinsed with water, and the burners are drilled out to make sure gas flow is consistent during cooking. The grill is then reassembled, tested again, and completely polished.

For more information on mobile barbeque cleaning, you can contact San Diego BBQ at (858) 605-5777. They operate under the motto “Old grills, new grills, and everything in between,” and their friendly and well-trained staff is there to serve you. San Diego BBQ also sells parts and provides repairs for almost all brands. Common repairs include ignition system overhauls, valve replacement and parts installation. You can see a complete list of their services and prices online at



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