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NU-VUE Window Films offers only the best window films for the job, meaning that with all the films on the market today, we will only install the best quality films that are available in the industry. Our window tinting services include residential, retail store, and commercial tinting, film removal, solar control films, UV film, safety and security film, privacy film, graffiti film, and decorative film.

With over 30 years experience in the industry, NU-VUE Window Films uses only the highest quality films as installed by our experienced film specialists. All of our films come with the best warranties available. We will never use inexpensive films to shortcut our customers or compromise our quality and reputation.

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window films

Consider Window Films–Enjoy That Incredible View Without the Harmful Consequences

The sunlight may bring warmth and brightness into our days, but it can also cause extreme glare that makes us close our draperies or blinds, cutting off our beautiful views. It can also increase our utility bills trying to keep our homes comfortable. That warm sun is full of UV rays that make your most valued home furnishings, woodwork, shutters, and draperies fade and look dull over time. UV rays also break down materials causing unsightly holes and discolorations. Just because those warm summer months are behind us does not mean your home is safe. The fall and winter sun can cause the rays to enter your windows at a completely different angle, actually reaching further into your home causing more UV damage no matter what the temperature outside.

There is a solution! Installing high quality window films throughout your home provides solutions for problems such as faded furnishings, glare, privacy, room discomfort and high-energy costs.

The 3M™ Prestige window film series offers homeowners a clear, non-metallic product which blocks 99.9% of the sun’s harmful UV rays, not only protecting your furniture, flooring, and fabrics, but also your skin from exposure. If the upcoming holidays have you upgrading your flooring or furniture for entertaining—you want to make sure your investments are protected from the start.

Prestige films also block radiant heat, reducing up to 66% of the heat coming in through your windows. The results are immediate and your energy costs will decrease tremendously as the load on your air conditioning is reduced. Window film is one of the most long-term and cost-effective solutions to reducing energy costs. For those rare cold San Diego days, adding film to your windows reduces heat loss through your windows retaining your heat inside as well.

If you love your nighttime view, the Night Vision series is worth considering. Offering low reflectivity, even lower than glass, you can enjoy the sparkling lights of the city or beautiful outdoor landscaping at night. These darker films are designed to reject solar heat, up to 71%, while providing significant glare relief.

Quality films are available in a wide range of tones and shades from virtually clear to darker. If glare is an issue, window films will cut that blinding sun and will reduce glare for your computer and television viewing. This enables you to keep your blinds open, enjoying your view. Films can also make it more difficult for the outside world to have visual access into your home, increasing your privacy and protection from criminals.

Finally, decorative film is a wonderful way to give your windows a makeover. With thousands of patterns and designs to choose from, decorative window films offer an element of privacy to pantries, bathrooms, shower doors and entry door glass without restricting the light. These films can be custom designed and cut to add uniqueness and creativity to your glass. With endless possibilities, it’s no wonder this trend in window treatments continues to grow at a rapid rate.

The professionals at NU-VUE Window Films have been improving San Diego’s windows for almost 30 years. Their services include everything from residential, retail store, and commercial window tinting. They also offer film removal services and free in home consultations. For more information, you can call them at 760-670-3676 or visit

window films



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