c and r pavers


If you are looking to increase the functionality and beauty of your space, then C&R Pavers are your perfect solution. We can do everything, from pavers, fire pits, outdoor hardscapes, barbeque islands, driveways, and patios.

C and R Pavers offers products from the best manufacturers statewide. We specialize in the installation of concrete brick pavers; tumble marble, chiseled travertine, reclaimed brick, shell lock, and more. We’ll show you a range of design and color options to help you choose the pavers that best enhance your home and suit your personal style. Whether you have a need for practicality, functionality, or simply a wish list, our team of dedicated brick paver professionals has innovative design ideas and solutions to capture your home’s unique character and reflect your individual lifestyle.

Phone: 760-500-0809
Email: regina@candrpavers.com
Website: www.CAndRPavers.com

c and r pavers

c and r pavers



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